Welcome Trainers! We wish you safe travels on your adventures to become a Pokemon Master! Here at the KokonutKrew store, we felt it important to gather a few resources to assist you on your journey!

Shop with us and support our local Pokemon Community Day. We have quite the Pokemon selection for you. Browse our entire store by clicking on a few of the collections below.


Would you like to raid with us? Join us in discord for legendary pokemon encounters! Our automated raiding system makes it very easy to coordinate.

The following discord commands will help you quickly communicate with other pokemon trainers. You're welcome to ask questions in the #chat channel if you get stuck :D

!maybe Indicate that you are interested in the raid
!coming Show that you are on your way. Please be courteous of raiders en route
!here Update your status so that the group can quickly tell who has arrived
!list Get a quick report of who's participating in the raid
!cancel Remove your entry from the current raid
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Apple iWatch - Series III

If you're really ready to step your game up, play Pokemon Go on the new Apple iWatch Series III. Though we don't have this item currently in stock, we'll show you where you can get it!

Niantic anounced Pokemon Go on the iWatch back in 2016. It's only gotten better since then!

You'll really feel like James Bond once you enable the new cellular features and leave your phone at home. No more shotty bluetooth disconnections!

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